Quick Service Dining: Hollywood Studios Edition

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Today's blog will be all about the Quick Service & snack options in Disney's Hollywood Studios.  As one of the smaller parks, you would think there would be fewer choices.  You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are quite a few!  Of course, the Studios is undergoing a major transition currently, so it's possible that some of the current offerings will be tweaked/re-themed as the park continues to take shape.

Let's start with breakfast.  On days when I start off at Hollywood Studios, I love to hit Starring Rolls Cafe! This little shop off of Sunset Blvd has amazing pastries!  I highly suggest the Apple-Craisin Turnover! The cinnamon rolls are good too...

We often use a snack credit here.  Of course, if you are looking for a different snack option here, try out the Writer's Stop over near the Streets of America!  The carrot cake cookie comes highly recommended by Upon A Star Eric...

And apparently I have no pictures of the yummy treats here -- but here is a shot of the front window with a hidden Mickey, plus a shot of a wall that still has the MGM branding! Love those little hidden nuggets.

Of course, you can't just eat snacks all day.  Well, at least, that's what people tell me.  So for those times when you need to have a full meal, we have 2 "go-to" places.  The first is Pizza Planet near the Streets of America.  I love this location, because it actually comes with a mini-salad as a side dish!  OK that's not the only reason, but it's a nice addition to the personal pizza.  I think the pizza is pretty tasty, too! They also usually have fantastic cupcakes for dessert! 

Next up is the ABC Commissary.  Honestly, I was disillusioned with this location for about 3 years.  A combo of the menu and the crowds put me off of it, but happily, I had a great experience the past couple of trips.  It's back in my good graces!

The Commissary has TVs showing ABC shows, and it even has props from them!

No food pics from here at the moment, but the burgers are great.  I also loved the new salmon salad that they are offering! This is definitely worth the visit. 

What are your favorite locations in Hollywood Studios?