Counting down to Disney!!

In 51 days my family is headed to Disney World!!! Now that it is getting closer we are really getting excited!! My 4 kids have known about this trip since I started planning it, but time is very fluid with young kids 180 days is a lifetime! So like many of you we do countdowns to keep them excited and let them know how long before we go!

This year we have been using this simple countdown I made with a free printable, frame and dry erase marker! The kids love seeing the number go down (so do I) and little do they know but they have been learning subtraction along the way!

When we get to 30 days we will be making a chain! Each day they will take turns ripping off a link on the chain! Here's some examples: 

One of my fellow Upon A Star Agents Jodi, takes it a step further on her countdown chain and makes the last links her families Magic Bands!! I will be stealing that idea from Jodi!

To celebrate our 50 day mark we will be making iron on T-Shirts for our entire family. Did I mention we are taking all the cousins and Aunt and Uncle! So 12 shirts in all. I bought a digital download of the logo and some iron on paper at Wal-Mart! Super easy! Just cut it out and iron on to the shirt of your choice! Here's an example of what they will look like! A nice way to remember our big family trip!

Last year my friend and fellow agent Carrie wrote a blog about her families tradition for countdowns. They have special Disney themed meal nights! Take a look  here

I plan on starting a themed movie and meal night once we are at 4 weeks out! So for the last 4 agonizing Fridays before we go we will watch one of our favorite Disney movies and make a meal themed around it! 

On the very last day I will present my kids with a bag for the airport filled with some things to do on the plane. I have to  include the all important lollipops and gum for the plane ride!!  

Stayed tuned in for my next blog on packing for a Walt Disney Trip. Packing for a family of 6 to be exact! I have it down to a science!


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Lori Swinderman