Jenn Does Adventures By Disney - Nashville Style!

Exclusivity.  This is the word that kept repeating in my mind throughout my amazing Adventures by Disney trip last week.  I mean, I have read about the service, I've heard others tell their amazing stories -- but until I experienced it for myself, it really didn't hit home. There are lots of ways to tour all of the great places in the world you want to visit, but after this experience, I can say hands down that Adventures By Disney will offer the best experience. Every single aspect was VIP! This means - no lines, exclusive experiences, and needs being met that you didn't even know you had!

Of course you all know that I am a die-hard Disney fanatic; plus I'm definitely a theme park girl.  But there are also so many amazing other places I'd love to visit, and there are a lot of people who aren't "theme park people".  Adventures by Disney is all of the Disney quality and excellence, plus it encompasses the power of the Disney brand -- all outside of a theme park experience.  In fact, Adventures by Disney is the TOP RATED Disney brand - incredible!

Adventure Guide Kelley!

Adventure Guide Kelley!

This picture is of one of our 2 amazing Adventure Guides.  Actually every Adventures by Disney has 2 guides!  One is a local expert, and one is from Disney. This really enhances the experience and gives AbD a "leg up" on other tours.

But back to Nashville - on this long weekend adventure (3 nights/4 days), you really get to experience everything Nashville has to offer! And if you're worried about being with a group, don't be! It honestly enhanced the fun... plus, there is time for on-your-own exploration.  What follows is a description of the itinerary - but I promise, there is extra pixie dust sprinkled throughout.  To share it here would spoil the fun, so if you want to find out more, I encourage you to try one of these amazing itineraries. 

On day 1, you will be treated to an overview of the city, visiting its landmarks along the way.  Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included -- and dinner is of special import today! You get a special after-hours tour of the Hermitage, which is President Andrew Jackson's Estate.  Not only are you doing a special tour, but you are making southern biscuits, which you will eat as you dine right there on the property!  By the way, my biscuits turned out perfectly!

Day 2 holds more fun!  Your hotel is located right in Downtown Nashville, and breakfast is on your own anywhere you please!  After breakfast, you will head to the famous Bluebird Cafe!  This is the same spot featured on the show "Nashville", and it has been the launching point for more than one famous country artist!  While here, you will be eating an amazing lunch while being treated to a private performance by some of today's premiere songwriters!

Just when you thought it couldn't get better, you'll leave the Bluebird and head to Historic RCA Studio B, the very place where Elvis recorded many of his greatest hits!  Plus, you get to participate in the magic by creating your own recording! 

And this is where my magical moment happened.  I still get chills thinking about it.  As a musician, I was drooling over the Steinway in the corner -- you know, the one that Elvis wanted desperately to buy.  Of course, there is a "Do Not Touch" sign prominently displayed, so I settled for sitting beside it.  At the end of the amazing tour, I was called out by our Guide and invited to play this amazing instrument! I was nothing short of flabbergasted... and nervous of course! Thankfully, my friends captured this amazing moment for me!

Playing the Steinway in Studio B - Jenn does ABD!

Surreal.  It was sooooo magical!  The end of day 2 allows you to tour this beautiful city - and all of the nightlife - on your own! 

Day 3 kicks off with an on-your-own breakfast followed by tours of Hatch Show Print and the Ryman Auditorium.  Pick a place on your own (or with some new friends!) for lunch, and then it's off to The Country Music Hall of Fame (tickets are provided, of course!), which you can explore at your leisure.  Now it's time for one of the highlights, a special tour of the Grand Ole Opry!

Yep - not the main entrance - the ARTIST Entrance is where you'll be heading! That's the power of AbD!

Yep - not the main entrance - the ARTIST Entrance is where you'll be heading! That's the power of AbD!

Not only will you tour the backstage area and get premium seats for the evening's show - you will be treated to an amazing Farewell Dinner in Studio A!

Day 4 ends the adventure, but I can guarantee that the memories you'll make will stay with you forever! Whether you are a country music fan or just a music and history lover, this tour is an amazing opportunity to see Nashville in VIP style!

Ready to try it? Message me - I would love to help you experience the magic for yourself!