Epcot Food & Wine Festival - A Photo Tour (with some words)

OK, so maybe it isn't entirely a photo tour! I have sooooo many words I can use to describe the Epcot® Food & Wine Festival!  Delicious, fun, tasty, yummy... and many other adjectives!  But, you get the idea.  

Each fall, Epcot® transforms World Showcase into culinary wonder, adding plenty of additional kiosks.  Even the "regular" countries of World Showcase put out special kiosks, all featuring the food and (you guessed it) wine/alcoholic beverages from that country.  The flavors are amazing... and the smells just beg you to try!

When you enter Epcot®, be sure to grab a passport.  This way you can keep track of all of the amazing eats/drinks you've tried!

OK we have our passport, let's go!  The Festivities are apparent as soon as you enter!

Let's stop at the Festival Center, shall we? It's located in the old Wonders of Life Pavilion. You can check out my Periscope walking tour by clicking here.  There is a ton of merchandise here, plus this is where many of the seminars are held.  If you head to the back, there is a Ghirardelli Chocolate display.  Check out this year's Star Wars display... all made of chocolate!

It's a good idea to get a nifty wristlet gift card! Load it up with some moolah, and this makes it much easier to get your eats as you tour the world! 

Time to head back to see the food booths! I did 2 Facebook Live Walk-throughs.  Check out my Facebook Page and you can find them under videos. 

And food? Yep.  There was lots of it! And it was all delicious!  I realized that I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I would have like to... I guess I was too busy eating LOL!!

If you've never checked out the Food & Wine Festival, I highly recommend it! It's a great time of year to do an adults trip, girls' weekend, guys' weekend...  You won't regret it!