Escape to Myrtle Beach (Part 3)

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As I’ve said before, I find myself in Myrtle Beach at least once a year.  And, after I’ve gone to the beach and visited a few sights, and I generally find that I’m in the mood to shop.  That works out, because the Myrtle Beach area has some great shopping options!

Are you an outlet shopper?  Tanger Outlets offers two locations in Myrtle Beach – one in North Myrtle Beach (on Highway 17) and one a bit more south (on Highway 501), more toward the middle of the Grand Strand.  The “southern outlets,” as my mom and I refer to the mall, is a newer complex, but it’s also smaller.  The “northern outlets” tend to be our favorite of the two.  Part of this is practical: While both malls are outdoors, the mall to the north has built canopies to shield shoppers from the elements – whether sun or rain – as they dart between the stores. 

Of course, the main reason we’re willing to drive a little farther from where we stay is the stores.  The Highway 17 location offers a Disney Store, a Lululemon Athletica Outlet, and a Kate Spade Outlet (my favorite!), which you cannot find at the 501 location.  These are only a small sampling; these outlet malls definitely have something for everyone!  And, they offer great discounts over traditional malls, as well as many coupons.  It’s always worth it to stop by Guest Services when you arrive at the mall to pick up a coupon book.  They are available for a nominal fee, or are free if you have signed up for and received a text offer.  Individual stores also tend to offer additional coupons when you walk through the door.

If outlets aren’t your speed, you may enjoy the quirky shops at Barefoot Landings and Broadway at the Beach.  They have traditional offerings, like Yankee Candle and Claire’s, but also tend toward the novelty, boasting stores such as Crabby Jack’s General Store and Pepper Palace.  You can also find shopping experiences, such as Sparkles, a boutique that transforms little girls into princesses, or Build-A-Bear – a favorite of the children in my family. 

But, my absolute favorite place to shop in the Myrtle Beach area isn’t even exactly in Myrtle Beach – it’s a few miles south, in an area called Pawleys Island.  For me, no trip to Myrtle Beach is complete without a visit to the Pawleys Island Hammock Shops.

Although you can definitely buy a handmade hammock – or stop to watch as they string one – at the Hammock Shops, they offer so much more than just that.  This is truly local shopping, with a unique, Low Country flavor.  There are several shops that are on my must-visit list every time I shop.

First, I absolutely love High Country Olive Oil.  It is a tasting store that sells specialty olive oils and vinegars.  You walk in to discover casks and casks of oils and vinegars, just waiting to be sampled.  Everyone who works there is incredibly helpful and friendly, and will be more than happy to guide you through pairings and options.

My next stop is Isle of Candles, which sells candles made of soy, rather than traditional wax.  The result is a candle that burns cleaner and longer – and, the best part is, the softened wax is a delightful soy lotion!  Again, the people who work there are wonderful, and are always eager to let you “take a dip” in one of their candles.  As a somewhat regular customer, I love their recycling program – returning an empty jar gets you a discount on a new candle.  The candles are made on-site, so you are truly supporting a local business when you shop there.


Finally, I always love to visit Details by Three Sisters.  They sell gorgeous, unique jewelry – pieces that you just won’t find anywhere else.  They provide on-site engraving, which is convenient when you are in a vacation time-crunch.  You can also find distinctive accessories of a non-jewelry variety – I’ve come away with some fun, funky bandanas to wear to the beach.

These are my favorite shopping spots in Myrtle Beach!  Where would you go first?  Or, if you’ve already been there, where is your favorite place to shop?  Let me know in the comments!

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