"ICE" Gaylord Palms

Fewer things bring us more Joy during the year than the bright lights of the Holidays! Last night I had the pleasure of attending a media event for Gaylord Palms “ICE” in Orlando. When the kids were younger I used to take them to see the Gingerbread displays here, but I’ve never seen ICE. It was amazing! 


We had the opportunity to see part of their Cirque Dreams Unwrapped stage show with flying trapeze acts, dancers and more! The stunts were breathtaking! They flew right over the audience with ease! 

After the show we took a short walk over to where the ICE event was being held. You walk inside the most adorable Christmas village filled with all kinds of activities and treats! (Even a Bar for the adults…Hot Toddy’s!), but the Hot Chocolate options looked wonderful! The first thing you see when entering this festive Village is an Ice slide! Of course I had to get on that! It’s a Tube ride that you can race your friends down the ice! Fair warning…. Pick up you bum! I thought they said DON’T pick up my bum so that made for an adventurous ride!! But really it was super fun! All the adults were having a blast right alongside the kids! I can see this whole attraction as being a great date night or family fun night out! 



We then moved on to the rest of the Village which included a room set up with large tables to decorate Gingerbread cookies and appearances by the cutest Gingerbread couple, along with the Peanuts Character appearances out front of it. There’s also a Storytelling room with none other than Mrs. Claus herself! The kids can write a letter to Santa and drop it at the North Pole Post Office and even get a chance to meet with SANTA! So much fun! 


But the really treat here is when you go into ICE itself! You first come to a Parka station where you get one of their free Parkas to use while you walk through the exhibit. It’s a COOL 9 degrees inside so if you’re prone to chills..GET THE PARKA! I happen to enjoy the cold and this Floridian took the opportunity to wear a faux fur coat! WIN! But, if you want to enjoy the other ICE slides inside this area you’ll need to wear a Parka. It’s required. So get the Parka! I also suggest wearing gloves and keeping your cell phone warm. I had mine in a Lifeproof case and that saved it from shutting down like all the others around me. The cold drains the battery almost instantly! 


All in all you’re surrounded by beautifully carved ICE sculptures, but the most breathtaking part of the whole experience is the last scene… The Nativity Scene stops you in your tracks! Take the time to Enjoy! 



If you’re interested in booking a package at the Gaylord Palms for ICE or adding it to your Walt Disney World holiday vacation, I’d love to help! 


Christine Fox


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